Thursday, December 13, 2007

As far as the eye can see.

Its interesting to me how so many people hear I'm studying acupuncture and they ask, "does it work?"
Because the obvious answer is of course it I believe it works, why else would I be studying it? What do they really expect me to say?
well, to be fair, its an honest question. Because for so much of our lives, it has been ingrained in us that western medicine is the be all and end all.
Asian medicine is rooted in something mystifying. Most people, when you try to explain the five elements to them, wave their hand at you because its not scientific. It is arguably true that much of Eastern medicine is not scientific, when explained in western language. But if you define science as the acquring of knowledge from repeated "experiments" then it is very scientific. If an ancient person tried out some herbs and noticed these results, then that is a scientific experiement, despite the lack of beakers, butane and rats. its really a matter of acceptance. Accepting that there are some things which cannot be put in a box and explained away. This, i think is the fundamental problem between East and West.

If someone tells you A+B=C and then explains that A=3, B=4 and C=7 then you will not disagree. If someone else says A+B=C but then goes on to explain they only know C=222, then there are countless combinations for A and B. You would agree about that. But would you agree that there are infinite possibilities for A and B? the whole concept of infinity is analogous to chinese medicine. Chinese medicine says that there is an energy force which propels the entire universe forward. It makes up you, me, this computer and everything else you could possibly think of. When this energy is out of balance in your body/life, then problems will arise. You can't see this energy, you can arguably feel it if you are "in tune", but you can't prove it.
Just like you can't prove infinity.

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